Buying Guide For Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing is one of the most popular adventure sports worldwide. You need to have strong determination and control over the body for rock climbing. A daring attitude to get involved in this challenging sport is vital. It takes years of practice, technique, and experience to become a good climber. To ensure complete safety and efficient climbing you need to wear the necessary gear specifically designed for climbing and trekking purposes. Since this activity requires rigorous coordination of hand and foot, wearing a fitting shoe is essential. Climb X shoes have a dedicated range of shoes specially designed keeping in mind the specific needs and characteristic of rock climbing. To know more about certain rock climbing competitions and events which you should aim for as an avid climber visit

If you are a beginner, the first thing to decide upon is the type of climbing you would opt for to start with. For your general knowledge, different types of climbing styles include:

• Gym Climbing: An ideal way to begin your journey. These are mostly indoor big wall gyms which have artificially designed rock climbing environment. You can try your hand onto varied styles ranging from bouldering with the safe crash pad placed just under, or harness and rope climbing with the help of a bilayer assisting. Once you are little comfortable, you can advance to the next level of lead climbing, where you need to go through some quick challenges incorporated into the wall design to enhance difficulty level.

• Bouldering climbing: These type of climbing technique does not require any rope or harness. All you need is a pair of good shoes and a chalk powder to keep your hands dry for a better grip. This is done on natural small rock formation or base of the massive rock.

• Trad climbing: It is an unaided way of traditional climbing, where the climber uses their gear based on the need and difficulty level. For trying this type of climbing, you need to have experience and decision-making skill.

• Mountain climbing: The most advanced stage of climbing, this is also called as alpine climbing and requires a specialized skill set considering the danger involved and is a time-consuming activity.

Varied climbing styles demand specific design, shape, and fit of shoes for the best results. Sizing has a reverse correlation with the climbing level. Higher the difficulty level, smaller is the size of the shoe. Like for bouldering and mountain climbing, you need a snug fit, because it enhances performance. While for trad and gym climbing you would need a comfortable fit with flatter toed shoes giving better grip in the gaps and cracks. The shape of the shoe is another vital consideration. Downturned shoes stress onto the toe area of the design. While climbing it’s your toe part which forms the grip, so as the climbing gets steeper a tight fit is vital. Rubber stickiness matters when it comes to making a hold. Shoes with highly sticky rubber sole and tip, tend to perform well with bouldering climbing although is less durable than harder and less sticky rubber shoes. These boots are ideal for steep climbs. The tightening pattern is another important consideration. Lace-up shoes give the best fit and hold the foot nicely. Hence for longer climbs like alpine climbing is the best option. Velcro and slip on styles are right for gym, bouldering, and sport climbing expeditions.

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