Protips For Parents On Airsoft Guns

You might find that one day, your child might demand that you buy them something called an Airsoft gun – do not panic! Much like the popular paintball franchise, Airsoft guns are an older version of the same without the mess. Buying good airsoft sniper rifles is akin to sending a soldier to war outfitted with the best possible artillery. According to, not only are Airsoft guns safe to use, granted the right precautions are taken, but they are also a great way to hone your hunting and targeting skills. Given that there are different types of Airsoft guns to suit different gameplay, you may want to make your final buying decision based on further reason. For now, here are a few things you should know about Airsoft guns and their popularity.

Since their inceptions back in the early 80’s in Japan, Airsoft guns have remained a great source of tactical fun. They were created to be a user-friendly simulation toy for all the aspiring spies, soldiers and tactical team play enthusiasts. This gun fires a very small pellet or BB at a low velocity. Of course, unlike paintball, this will mean that players will have to rely on their teammates’ honesty on whether they were hit or not. It also means that protective gear to shield the face and eyes is in order. Unlike the Daisy guns that also take bb pellets but were banned in the US, Airsoft gun is safe to play with even at close range.

While Airsoft is nothing like a real gun, it still requires some modicum of safety measures to handle. For example, the same eyewear and headgear that you wear for protection during paintball is also applicable for Airsoft. The small plastic pellets or BBs are not lethal but can still cause serious damage to your eyes. Younger children are advised to wear long sleeved shirts and full pants to keep the worse of the sting of being hit at bay. Make sure to emphasize that under no circumstances should any shooting be done closer than the minimum range; this will help deter unwanted injuries.

Airsoft is also a great way to impress the importance of gun safety, control, and caretaking on youngsters. Whether you are for or against gun control, make sure your children understand that owning a gun is a responsibility unto itself. Teach them to treat the Airsoft rifle or gun with all the caution of a real gun, to always keep it aimed at the ground with the safety on and to never look down the barrel. Depending on the type of air gun you own, you may or may not need to connect it to a gas system or recharge it. Either way,  stresses the need to make sure your kids know how to handle the gun before allowing them to hold it, and even then, only under adult supervision.

Finally, before even thinking about owning an Airsoft gun, make sure the laws in your area allow the ownership of one, as well as the conditions for its use. The last thing you want is to have the police drag a family member away on Christmas Day for buying an Airsoft gun!